Hey, I’m Radical Rob!

Traveling has been a passion of mine since I was three years old sitting on a hammock with my dad while in Cancún, Mexico.  My family and I have spent the past 22 years traveling together to some amazing destinations that many dream of visiting.  Now I am 22 and graduated from Shepherd University and I still have no clue what I do for the rest of my life.  There’s only a few things that I am passionate about and they include: traveling, eating, and drinking!  So after my graduation I made the promise to myself that is exactly what I will be doing for the rest of my life… or at least until I have to get a real job.  My backpack in packed and I am finding the best places to travel to on a budget while staying gluten free!

About My Gluten Free Journey

When I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  As anyone else would be, I was devastated.  I loved eating everything.  And as many know, gluten is in EVERYTHING.  My family and I dedicated our cooking skills and love for food to make sure I never missed out on delicious food.  We created and sampled new recipes and went to different cultural places to find gluten free foods.  A few years later, my sister joined the celiac train.  We have embraced the fact that we are limited and, therefore, we always try to different plates and divide them in half so we try double the amount of food!   I have made it my goal to travel and find the best locations that cook up and serve the BEST gluten free food around the world!

About Radical Travels

Traveling is difficult all on its own.  Many don’t know what to do and where to go and where to eat and drink.  This website will give you almost everything you need to know about the country and city you are traveling to.  Radical Travels will provide passport information, visa requirements, vaccinations, currency exchange, and where the United States Embassy’s are located in each country.  Along with the must go to places in the country/city/town where I have traveled to, some awesome activities, how to get around, cultural norms/sayings, best accommodations,  money saving tips, and the best bars and restaurants to go to while staying gluten free!


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