Bordeaux, France

Explore the most famous wine country in the world while staying gluten-free and enjoying history!


Rome, Italy

Stroll through Italy's capital. Discover the places to go and the best places to dine and stay gluten free in the gluten capital of the world.

Venice, Italy

Get lost in the historic city of Venice. Relax in a gondola ride down the water streets. Drink wine and people watch in this amazing city. Discover the places to go and where to eat gluten free in Venice!


Paris, France

Fall in love with Paris. One of the cities that truly lives up to its hype and how you can stay gluten free on a budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world.


London, England

Find the best and most affordable places to go and eat in luxurious London.


Dublin, Ireland

The best places to visit in Dublin. The best gluten free restaurants lie within this city as well. Take a walk down world history to experience some pure culture.